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Diverse Area of Practice

C.B. Mwongela and Co. Advocates is an independent law firm with a dynamic team and recognized experience in many fields of law. The firm combines resource management and practice area synergies in the delivery of legal services.

As diligent as we are about research and case preparation, we are also action-oriented. We recognize that you do not want to devote your life to resolving your legal matter. You want it dealt with as soon as possible and as cost-effectively as possible.

Cross-practice approach

We deal with a wide range of issues before civil, commercial or criminal jurisdictions as well as in arbitration cases. The primary goal of our firm is to ensure that our Clients feel confident that their individual interests are being pursued and protected at all times. Our areas of practice include:
- Criminal
- Civil
- Commercial Litigation
- Conveyancing
- Arbitration

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